MWUX Scholars

Midwest User Experience 2013, the leading interactive and user experience design conference in the Midwest is coming to Grand Rapids this October 17-19, and Kendall is playing host.

There is a scholarship with your name on it to attend as one of five MidWest UX Scholars, but you'll have to act fast. Applications are due September 13.

As MidWest UX Scholar you'll get:

  • Admission to the conference ($345 value)
  • Special behind the scenes access to conference organizers … and some of the leading UX minds in West Michigan
  • Opportunities to meet and mingle with the nationally renown speakers and guests
  • Chance to make your mark by producing a post-conference memento to be shared with each attendee
  • A spiffy new honor for your résumé and more …

To apply, submit a 500-word essay on the theme of the conference: Place. Describe what "place" means to you and your design practice. Submit your essay by Friday, September 13 and we'll select finalists for a portfolio review.